Worm Factory 360 Videos

Worm Farm 360 - Worm Factory 360 VideosLooking for some Worm Factory 360 videos? Here is a set of 3 helpful short videos for the Worm Factory 360. They give a good over all idea of what the Worm Factory 360 is like, how it works and how to get the most out of this worm composting bin.

Worm Factory 360 Videos

Worm Factory 360 DVD Preview explains initial set up of your worm composting bin , what you get in the package and other helpful information.



Unique Features of the Worm Factory 360 explains some of the advantages and features the Worm Factory has over other worm composting bins.

Did you know that the Worm Factory is the only worm composting bin made in the USA?



How does the Worm Factory Work? This video explains some basic principles of how composting works and in particular how the Worm Factory uses these principles.