The Worm Factory 360 Review

If you are thinking about buying a worm composter you will want to read my Worm Factory 360 Review. Everything about The Worm Factory 360 is designed to make the entire process of using a worm composting bin quick and easy to set up and yes, even fun. Kids seem to be absolutely fascinated by worm bins too. Some users actually report their kids fighting over who gets to feed the worms.

The Worm Factory 360 Features And Details

Worm Farm 360 ReviewThe Worm Factory 360 is made completely of recycled plastic so it is environmentally friendly. It is sturdy and well designed and comes with a 20 year warranty too.

This 4 tray worm composter weighs about 11 pounds and measures 18x18x15.

Despite its small footprint this worm farm is expandable up to 8 trays in height making it the largest composter of its kind. The Worm Factory comes in black, green and terra cotta.

The unit comes with everything you need except compost and worms.  There are detailed instructions and a video to explain how to use it and care for your worms.

There is a handy cheat sheet on the inside of the cover with feeding instructions. Another handy feature is a spigot that allows you to draw off compost tea from the lowest tray.

The Worm Factory 360 Is A Safe And Solid Buy

Overall The Worm Factory 360 received high ratings from its users. Many were inexperienced at vermiculture but reported that the directions were good and most had little difficulty setting up and getting their worms established.

Worm Farm 360Most reported that the unit was odor free when the lid was on. Because it is odorless composting is no longer just an outdoor activity and apartment dwellers can now spoil their plants too.

Some users did report some of the worms escaped at first but most didn’t have a serious problem with it once the worms established themselves.

You can easily keep your worms in the bin by leaving a light on for the first few days. Once the worms are settled in and eating they wont want to escape but at first they are in unfamiliar surroundings with a different diet than they are used to.

A few users wished it had greater capacity and was faster. You can add more trays to increase capacity. You can also add more worms at first to speed up the process. The worms will adjust their population levels to match their food supply. So if  you start with more worms keep them well fed and the process will be faster.

As a side note, owning a worm composting bin turns out to be a great science project. Many parents report their children are fascinated by the wriggly little beasts and are always wanting to look under the cover to watch the worms feed, grow and multiply.

Worm Factory 360 Review Final Verdict

The Worm Factory 360 speeds up the composting process with a unique air flow designed into the unit. Worm FarmYou will be able to make compost faster than other methods. You can use The Worm Factory 360 inside or out and make compost year round now.

Based on user experience which is about 90 percent positive we would recommend the Worm Factory 360 as a good buy.

Buy with confidence from Amazon. The Worm Factory 360 qualifies for free shipping and with a reduced price this is the best deal around.

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