Worm Composting How To Videos

Worm Farm 360Here is a series of worm composting how to videos that give a good idea of what to expect and what you will see once you set up your worm composting bin.

Worm Composting How To

The first video shows initial set up of a Worm Farm 360. Pretty simple and straight forward really.

In the next video red wiggler worms are added to the bin.

The process of turning kitchen scraps into fertile compost is well documented in the third and fourth videos.

By the time the fifth video was shot the process has gone far enough to add a second tray to the system.

Start Worm Composting Now With A Worm Farm 360

A worm composting bin is simple to start and set up, you will be helping the environment and your plants and flowers will love you for it.

Worm Composting