Worm Chalet Review

Worm Chalet Worm Composting Bin

The great thing about a worm composting bin like the Worm Chalet is it can be used indoors because of its odor free operation. This makes worm composting bins ideal for apartment and condo residents that want to compost or just want to recycle more but don’t have a back yard.

 Just add red wiggler worms and your kitchen scraps to the Worm Chalet and you can start producing your own organic fertilizer. Here’s a review of the Worm Chalet.

Worm Chalet Product Featuresworm chalet worm composting bin

  • Odorless operation – ideal for indoor use
  • Trays include removable wire bottom
  • Includes 3 stacking trays and instruction manual
  • Made from UV stabilized plastic
  • Bottom spigot

Worm Chalet – The Pros

The Worm Chalet features a gray natural stone look and blends into the landscape nicely something none of the other worm composters out there is offering.

This worm composting bin is well made and well thought out. The three stacking trays have recessed hand grips and a removable wire bottom to make access and emptying easier. Worm tea collects in the base and can be drawn off for feeding plants while your worm compost is being made. When the worms finish the scraps in the bottom tray they will move up to the next tray looking for more food. When they do you are ready remove the bottom tray and empty the worm compost out and start fertilizing your plants with it. Simply place the now empty bottom tray on top and begin adding scraps again to start the process going again.

The Worm Chalet will handle kitchen scraps from 2-5 adults. It will work year round if kept from freezing with an ideal temperature of 54-70 degrees F. The unit features multi wall construction to help keep your worms comfy. I did some digging around on some gardening forums and found most users were very happy with the Worm Chalet and would recommend it to a friend.

Worm Chalet – The Cons

There were a few negatives about the Worm Chalet. Some users complained the spigot clogged making it necessary to manually drain the worm tea from the base unit by removing the trays and tipping it. This seems to be a fairly common problem with all worm bin models. Some folks never have problems with this and others do. Some users complained they thought the trays were too shallow and should be made deeper so they hold more and are easier to handle. Along the same lines many users would like to expand their units but it seems additional trays are not available.

Worm Chalet Gets A Thumbs Up

We think the Worm Chalet would be a good product for most couples and small families. Our only concern the apparent lack of trays to expand the unit. If you think this is something you may want or need to do you may want to consider the Worm Factory 360 which is expandable. Other than that the Worm Chalet appears to be well made and designed and should bring years of trouble-free service.

The Worm Chalet is no longer available on Amazon and we recommend the Worm Factory 360 in its place. Click Here To See It

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