Gusanito Worm Wrangler Review

Gusanito Worm WranglerThe Gusanito Worm Wrangler works on the principal of worms moving upward through the trays, leaving worm castings in the lower levels as the worms seek fresh food from higher up.

This worm composting bin comes with coconut coir for bedding use and uses cloth barriers for the top tray and the lower collection tray. It comes with instructions and worm composting tips. There also is a spigot included to draw off worm tea from the lower collection level.

Gusanito Worm Wrangler Features

* Made out of recycled material

* Indoor or Outdoor use

* Easy to assemble

* New Improved Ventilated Roof Design

* Three sizes, 3 tray 4 tray & 5 tray available

Dont Buy The Gusanito Worm Wrangler Before You Read This

The Worm Wrangler appears to be a fairly new product that is made in the US. It also appears to have had some problems which the manufacturer is working to address such as improving the roof and the instructions.

User reviews are very mixed on the Gusanito Worms Wrangler. Some users liked the size and ease of storage. Some reported the unit worked well for them and was odorless.

But other users reported that their worms drowned because the spigot was always clogging. One user reported having to manually tip the unit, a 2 person job, in order to drain it.

Another user reported not getting instructions and being unable to contact the manufacturer. There were also some complaints about how well the pieces fit together and that the unit had a rough homemade feel to it.

We can not recommend the Gusanito Worms Wrangler at this time because of the limited and highly variable reviews it recieved. It is a bit cheaper than some of the more established brands but not enough for us to recommend as worth the risk.

If you wind up unhappy with this product and have to replace it in the end it will cost you a lot more than just buying a more established brand in the first place. Buy the Gusanito Worm Wrangler at your own risk. We suggest spending the extra money and buying the Worm Factory 360 which has a proven track record and high user satisfaction  instead of the Gusanito Worm Wrangler.

Gusanito Worm Wrangler