Worm Chalet Review

worm chalet worm composting bin

Worm Chalet Worm Composting Bin The great thing about a worm composting bin like the Worm Chalet is it can be used indoors because of its odor free operation. This makes worm composting bins ideal for apartment and condo residents that want to compost or just want to recycle more […] Read more »

Gusanito Worm Wrangler Review

Gusanito Worm Wrangler

The Gusanito Worm Wrangler works on the principal of worms moving upward through the trays, leaving worm castings in the lower levels as the worms seek fresh food from higher up. This worm composting bin comes with coconut coir for bedding use and uses cloth barriers for the top tray […] Read more »

The Worm Factory 360 Review

Worm Farm 360

If you are thinking about buying a worm composter you will want to read my Worm Factory 360 Review. Everything about The Worm Factory 360 is designed to make the entire process of using a worm composting bin quick and easy to set up and yes, even fun. Kids seem to […] Read more »