Worm Factory Coconut Coir Growing Medium

Worm Factory Coconut Coir

Coconut coir is great stuff. Worms love it and it is a great starter medium for them. It is also great as a soil amendment. Way better than peat moss because it has a neutral pH so no lime is needed. Also holds water better, wont pack down like peat […] Read more »

Uncle Jims Red Wiggler Composting Worms

Uncle Jims Red Wiggler Composting Worms

It doesn't matter if you build your own worm composter or buy one because either way you need red wigglers to get things going. Add more worms so you can process waste and get worm tea and worm castings faster Read more »

Worm Factory 360 Worm Composter, Green 4 Tray

Why the Worm Factory 360? The Worm Factory 360 Worm Composter makes the whole procedure of worm composting quick and simple and with its thermo siphon air flow design, the Worm Factory 360 increases the composting rate. While conventional yard composting has its uses, the process can take up to […] Read more »

Worm Factory – Set of 7 Terracotta Trays

Worm Factory - Set of 7 Terracotta Trays

Here’s a set of 7 stackable plastic terracotta trays that work with the standard Worm Factory standard and the Worm Factory 360. Using a worm bin is an incredibly efficient way to turn kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost for your garden or your house plants. The Worm Factory  automatically separates […] Read more »