Worm Composting How To Videos

Worm Farm 360

Here is a series of worm composting how to videos that give a good idea of what to expect and what you will see once you set up your worm composting bin. Worm Composting How To The first video shows initial set up of a Worm Farm 360. Pretty simple […] Read more »

Can O Worms Set Up Videos

can o worms composter diagram

Your Can O Worms is really fast, easy and simple to set up. Even a five-year old set this worm composting bin up. Which reminds me, kids are absolutely fascinated by these things so who knows, you may be raising a future biologist along with your compost. Click Here to […] Read more »

Worm Factory 360 Videos

Worm Farm 360

Looking for some Worm Factory 360 videos? Here is a set of 3 helpful short videos for the Worm Factory 360. They give a good over all idea of what the Worm Factory 360 is like, how it works and how to get the most out of this worm composting […] Read more »